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Profits of 50% of the sale of this children’s book go to the Machao Orphanage. “MACHAO” is an acronym for Makueni Christian Home for Assisting Orphans. MACHAO is a faith-based organization formed by seven Christians of the Africa Inland Church…

Gaddelpo the Christmas Elf

Gaddelpo Full cover thumbnail

Gaddelpo has graduated Elf College and now must find a special way to keep Christmas spirit alive in the heart of his assigned child, Allyson, who isn’t sure if Santa really exists. Whimsical artwork and easy language make this picture…

From My Window

From My Window Cover

Synopsis for From My Window. When a boy moves in next door, Ellie can’t help but notice. But it’s when he notices her that Ellie’s emotions run away with her. She hasn’t been noticed in forever. Because she died over…

My Prior Life

My Prior Life Cover

Synopsis for my first novel. After Tom Brown loses his business to an economic downturn and his home to foreclosure, he convinces his wife, Kate, and daughter, Stacie, to move to Los Angeles for a new beginning. When money runs…

Camel Lot: A Misplaced Adventure

Camel Lot Cover

My very first (why do people say very first, if it’s the first, how does the word very make it any more the first) children’s book, Camel Lot, is a Kindle Edition Exclusive. Synopsis: Three siblings, Arty, Lance and Gwen, set…

Bermuda’s Triangle: A Misplaced Adventure

Bermuda's Triangle Cover

My second children’s book, Bermuda’s Triangle, is a Kindle Edition Exclusive. Synopsis: Screeching violins, rasping clarinets, and drums beaten to death were just the beginning. Bermuda longed to be part of the school band. She tried countless instruments, but couldn’t make…

Area 50 Juan: A Misplaced Adventure

Area 50 Juan Cover

My third children’s book, Area 50 Juan, is a Kindle Edition Exclusive. Synopsis: Juan’s goal to save the aliens on Jade Island is threatened by a military search for the downed craft. Juan and his friends; Andy, Davie, and Earl,…

Santa Monica: A Misplaced Adventure

Santa Monica Cover

Santa Monica, my fourth children’s book in the Misplaced Adventure series, is a Kindle Edition Exclusive. Santa Monica is a fantasy adventure for bedtime or anytime. Written to be read aloud to children of any age or read alone by children…

Funny Who You Run Into Over Coffee


Took Allyson to Hobknobb Coffee Shop to make homework more palatable. I’d barely finished my pumpkin spice latte when I heard, “Karen!?” It was a friend I hadn’t seen in ages. I use “ages” to avoid giving away increments of…

Area 50 Juan for Kindle


Area 50 Juan is finally on the virtual shelves. I’m very excited about my third children’s book. There are more illustrations and they’re full-color full-page. Kindle Edition Exclusive

FREE Books & Spaceships

Camel Lot #1

I use a service called eReaderIQ to watch Kindle books for a price-drop or FREE offering. I usually get an email daily and scan it for books on my to-read list or anything that looks good. Today I scroll down my eReaderIQ…