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Camel Lot: A Misplaced Adventure

Camel Lot Cover

My very first (why do people say very first, if it’s the first, how does the word very make it any more the first) children’s book, Camel Lot, is a Kindle Edition Exclusive. Synopsis: Three siblings, Arty, Lance and Gwen, set…

Bermuda’s Triangle: A Misplaced Adventure

Bermuda's Triangle Cover

My second children’s book, Bermuda’s Triangle, is a Kindle Edition Exclusive. Synopsis: Screeching violins, rasping clarinets, and drums beaten to death were just the beginning. Bermuda longed to be part of the school band. She tried countless instruments, but couldn’t make…

Area 50 Juan: A Misplaced Adventure

Area 50 Juan Cover

My third children’s book, Area 50 Juan, is a Kindle Edition Exclusive. Synopsis: Juan’s goal to save the aliens on Jade Island is threatened by a military search for the downed craft. Juan and his friends; Andy, Davie, and Earl,…

Area 50 Juan for Kindle


Area 50 Juan is finally on the virtual shelves. I’m very excited about my third children’s book. There are more illustrations and they’re full-color full-page. Kindle Edition Exclusive