Did You Know Squire was Related to Daniel?

We got the chance to tour Squire Boone Cave with our homeschool group recently. They sometimes arrange field trips and get special rates for members of the group. We stopped for

lunch first on our way to avoid brown-bagging it. When we got there, we checked out the gift shop until time to line up with our guide. She met us just outside in a clearing and discussed the cave rules and such. Then, the oddest thing, we went through the gift shop to a small wooden door in the back corner. Through that door was a 74-step spiral staircase leading down into the ground. It felt like the Twilight Zone.

What can you say about the cave? Uh… it’s 52 degrees, damp and dark except where lights have been installed. There’s the usual formations – fun at first, but then redundant. Still, we had a great time and actually learned a few things about Squire Boone and his brother, Daniel. Cool.

Panning for Pyrite

Once the tour of the cave was over, we all gathered to try our luck at panning for fossils, cave rocks, gemstones and “gold.” Everyone got a can of sand which they poured into a wooden sifter. You can see Allyson using hers in the picture to the left. The sand quickly melts away to leave behind a dizzying array of quality “gold” nuggets and other treasures. We all got rich our first time out. If real life were so simple.

Waxing Poetic

After panning for gold,
To the candles we went.
We could feel intense heat,
And smell a sharp scent.
Every one got a chance,
To choose a small wick.
Dip in melted hot wax.
Blowing helps it to stick.
Our creations once done,
Were wrapped up with care,
To take home for keeps,
Of the fun we had there.