Thanksgiving 2005

Now, you must realize that I don’t cook. We go to my Mother-in-law’s home for Thanksgiving dinner like we do every year.

So, this is all new to me. But, I was encouraged by a recent trip to a friend’s home when she was making pies and had me help her. It was fun and the pies were delicious in spite of my being involved.

So, with some encouragement and recent experience under my belt…. I announced that homemade pumpkin pie would be provided by myself and my daughter for Thanksgiving.

I bought ready-made pie crust (one new thing at a time) and all the ingredients for pumpkin pie. At least the ones listed on the back of the can of pumpkin. Like I said, one new thing at a time. After my daughter’s gymnastics class, we strapped on our aprons. She has a really cute one we got on our last trip to the Chicago American Girl Place and I have a Starbucks one that you may have seen on your local Barista. Don’t ask how I got it.

We preheated, measured and stirred and amazingly came up with two beautiful pies. How did they taste? Don’t know. We waited until the following day… Thanksgiving.

We took our best looking pie (the prettier crust) and went to my husband’s mother’s house early. We had previously agreed to help with dinner this year since my daughter had taken such an interest in cooking. She helped by putting the mixture back into the eggs for deviled eggs. I peeled potatoes. You can see how much confidence my Mother-in-law has in my abilities. But, three weeks and 10 hours later, dinner was served and it was yummy. So yummy in fact that I ate way too much. I know, I know, I never do that, but it is just once a year.

And how was the pie? Wonderful. It had a great texture and perfectly spiced flavor. I’m even more encouraged. Is it my skills that are improving or just my daughter’s?

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