The Day After

I haven’t been shopping the day after Thanksgiving. This year I decided to give it a try. I consulted a counselor after attempting to shop the day after Christmas one year. She told me it might be therapeutic.

My daughter and I headed out after the early morning rushes would be over. Since there’s a Starbucks inside the new local Target store, we started there. I had recently bought a coat which had gone on sale. Don’t you love that? I needed to get a refund of the difference, so we got in line at the customer service desk. I think it was a line, anyway. We stood there amusing ourselves by bumping hips together and humming whatever Christmas carol had been on in the car when we parked behind the building. Yes, behind the building. It isn’t just Mary and Joseph who couldn’t find any room this time of year.

We picked up some cat litter (not very Christmasy, I know, but necessary all the same), some new garland and a new ornament for our tree. We didn’t stand in line when it was time to check out and our cashier was quite friendly. All things considered, a successful trip.

We made our way to the mall next. We found a spot in back near a seldom-used entrance to Dillard’s. Seldom-used because it is nearest the men’s section. We browsed the girls clothing and found a perfect Christmas dress for my daughter. She loves dresses. It was red plaid with a black velvet collar trimmed in white lace. It looked so nice on her too. And it was marked down already to $30. Again… don’t you love that?

I also picked up a little something for my horse-loving sister.

Farther out into the mall we stopped by Victoria’s (how can you keep anything secret dressed like that?) Secret. I needed to return something. I won’t mention what.

My daughter was hungry and we got her something at Chick-Fil-A. She loves their chicken, waffle fries and new fruit cup. And they don’t cut the peelings off the apples. We sat near the front entrance of the mall and the Angel Tree while she ate her lunch and I had a soda.

From there we stopped in at Bath & Body. Now, this place was hopping. Very busy, barely walking room. And they were giving away a free item with every $10 purchase of American Girl products. I got something for each of my daughter’s friends and something cool for a girlfriend of mine. I was waited on by a young woman who told me she appreciated my patience with her since it was her first day. I was shocked that they would put someone so new out on the register on their first day on the busiest shopping day of the year. I asked her if the stress was overwhelming, but she indicated she was in the Army so this was nothing compared to her usual day. She was really sweet and helpful. The Army is very lucky.

My daughter was exhausted already, so we made a final stop at Meijer for eggnog and headed home to decorate the tree.

My final thought is “What’s the fuss?” It might have been crowded earlier in the day, but my daughter and I had a great time. The lines weren’t really long and the clerks at stores were friendly and happy to assist. I found some great deals and bought some things I would have bought no matter the price. I suppose many people get out really early for those “doorbuster” items. I guess if saving a few bucks is worth the hassle and the stress… then more power to you. I prefer a fun, holiday spirit-filled shopping experience with my daughter to saving any amount of money.