I don’t care for this particular trend and hope it goes away. When I go out to eat, I want to enjoy the food, the company, the clinking of dishes. I do not want to explain to my first grade daughter why Madonna is kissing Brittany on CNN.

But, the most curious case of this ever present television phenomenon is the one at McDonald’s. We don’t eat in a McDonald’s that often, but when we do, it’s family time. Our local Micky D’s has a TV in each corner of it’s dining room. When we arrive we have to turn the volume down so we aren’t subjected to the news while we eat. I don’t let my daughter watch the news since she’s only 8. Besides, there are far too many new words she’ll learn that I don’t want to define for her. But, the oddest part is the fact that these TVs only get news channels, (according to an employee). Only news channels in a restaurant that caters to the Happy Meal set! Is that intelligent decorating? Needless to say… I’m NOT lovin’ it.