Jenkins Family Christmas 2005

So I decided “quiet and relaxing” anyone can have… I’m spending time with my family. WooHoo!

We had already made a commitment to a little girl in the neighborhood for our daughter to attend her birthday party. We didn’t back out of that so we were late getting to my sister’s house. When we arrived, everyone had already eaten and were about to start singing Christmas carols. Brian had printed pages of carols and brought his keyboard. It started off slow with only a couple of people going up at a time, but eventually, we got most of us up there for several renditions of butchered classics.

We had missed dinnertime, but the goodies were still out to munch on. I tried some white chocolate chip cookies and some kind of fudge. Someone brought this Dreamcicle candy that was delicious.

Gift time brought a tree my sister and her daughters-in-law made. It was a twisted towel adorned with ornaments and garland. This tree sat on a pretty green charger with a present of wash clothes tied up in a bow. My brother had spent the year gathering everyone’s pertinent dates – birthday, anniversary, children’s birthdates. He compiled all of this information into a booklet for each of us. No excuses now for missing a birthday! My daughter received a pretty bead watch/bracelet. She was also given a Samantha paper doll set. She loved both. My husband received an iPod Shuffle from my brother. One of my sister’s put together ingredients in a jar for every family to make something fresh. The recipe served as the gift tag. Another made glass blocks decorated for the holidays with lights inside. One of my nieces passed out jars of handmade candies tied with country-cute gift tags.