I Sew, I Sew, It’s Off to Class I Go

Allyson has talked about sewing and designing clothes for some time. My sister gave us a sewing machine last year and we got my other sister to come over and show us how to use it. But, sewing is not really my forte, so after a few half-hearted projects, sewing took a backseat.

As the new school year approached, I asked both girls what they were interested in. Sierra chose animals and Allyson brought up sewing again. Luckily, an email had found it’s way to me about a homeschool mom who does alterations. I called her about doing a sewing class and she agreed.

So, we packed up our sewing machine and headed over to this lady’s home. She was very prepared. She had her former Abeka sewing curriculum, her Encyclopedia of Sewing, and all kinds of handouts for Allyson. They went over the parts of the machine and how things worked. She had Allyson practice sewing pieces of paper just to get a feel for the machine. Allyson loved it. She was so excited. She left there talking about sewing patterns, making her own costume for Halloween and getting her a fancy sewing basket.