My daughters and I signed up for a birdwatching expedition with some avid birders from our church. A birder is anyone who loves watching birds, whether searching the world for one more sighting to add to their collection, or from feeders in their own back yard. 

We aren’t actually what a person might think of as birders. Sure, we like birds. We watch some locals hawks. Yeah, mostly because we fear they’ll swoop down and snatch up our little dog. But, we do like birds as much as the next person. We signed up, however, because we home school and are currently studying birds. 

So, we prepare by looking up some of the birds we might see on our outing. We read about whooping cranes and sandhill cranes. We packed snacks and charged the camera. We bundled up expecting to be outdoors walking through the woods and crouching in small shrubs to await the sighting of the next winged miracle. We spent most of our time in a van.

Not that it was a bad thing. It was relaxing and easy. We traveled to Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge in Southern Indiana.