Sa-wing, batter, batter…

Art That Swings

My friend and mentor, artistically speaking, suggested I participate in an art event that has turned out to be really exciting. The event is a collaboration between The Arts Council of Southern Indiana and the newly-renovated Louisville Slugger Museum. Just a side thought – did they use a baseball bat to prepare for renovation?

The event, Art That Swings, offers local artists the opportunity to decorate, however they see fit, one Louisville Slugger baseball bat. How cool is that?

I picked up my bat at the Arts Council offices on Market Street in New Albany. My only instructions were, “Nothing vulgar.” Since my original idea was now off the table, I chose to cover nearly the entire bat with torn and burned sheet music which I acquired at Jimmy’s Music Center in New Albany. They ordered exactly the music I wanted since it needed to include a specific song – If It Ain’t Got That Swing. You know the song, “It don’t mean a thing… if it ain’t got that swing…” I titled my musically enhanced Slugger, Swing Music. Clever, huh?

I recently attended a photo shoot at Jean Schettler’s studio. Several artists brought their partially completed bats to take part in the shoot. We staged working on our projects and pictures were taken. These images will be used in publications and advertising venues for the event.

I completed my bat last Friday and turned it in to the Arts Council. Beginning June 1st, Swing Music, along with other bats from other artists, will be on display at the Louisville Slugger Museum where visitors can vote for their favorite. Event sponsors can receive one of the artistic bats along with other benefits. On August 1st, a special Art That Swings Fundraising Event will be held where attendees can meet the artists.

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  1. May 18, 2009 at 11:29 am

    Your bat looked great.

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