Swing Music for Art That Swings

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From June 1 through August 1, my Swing Music Louisville Slugger will go on display at the newly renovated Louisville Slugger Museum. The decorated bats are a collaboration between Louisville Slugger and The Arts Council of Southern Indiana to support the work of the Arts Council which serves students, artists, educators, schools, libraries and non-profit organizations in six counties in Southern Indiana.

The idea for Swing Music arrived unannounced while I was thumbing through some sheet music for my project. I saw the song title, It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing), and realized that was the song my Slugger needed. It was meant to be.

Swing Music In ProcessAfter a great deal of procrastination in getting started, I finally began on a Monday afternoon. Collage is not necessarily a difficult medium to work with. There’s an abundance of materials to choose from (like sheet music), the tools are simple enough, and it’s really quite fun. It’s also quite messy. I decided to burn the edges of small torn sections from the sheet music to give it a better contrast. Then I used a decoupage medium to affix each piece in an aesthetically pleasing location on the bat. Piece by piece a design from sheet music, charred edges, and lyrics builds around the original logos of the Louisville Slugger.

swing-music-knob-handleswing-music-barrelSwing Music Barrel Song TitleSwing Music Barrel LogoUpon completion, unsurprisingly the same day delivery to the Arts Council was required, I rushed downtown to introduce my Slugger to all the others soon to join in the exhibit.

If you plan to visit the Louisville Slugger Museum to see Swing Music in person, please remember to vote for your favorite bat. There will be approximately 40 bats on display by local artists in a wide range of mediums and styles.

The Louisville Slugger Museum is located at 800 West Main St., Louisville, KY. Their hours are Monday through Saturday, 9am – 5pm and Sunday, noon – 5pm. Admission is $10 for adults (13-59), $9 for seniors (60+), $5 for kids (6-12), and kids 5 and younger are free. Check their Visitor’s Guide for additional information.

A special Art That Swings celebration will be held on August 1. There will be an opportunity to meet the artists and recognize the creators of the three most popular bats (decided by votes). Be on hand to watch event sponsors draw for their favorite bat. Experience ball park food, a cash bar, and cracker jack boxes with chances to win valuable prizes. More information can be found at The Arts Council of Southern Indiana.

Don’t forget – if you really like Swing Music, be sure and vote for it. Just maybe, my little Slugger will hit one out of the park.