Buy Me a “Writer” Kevlar Vest

After returning to Indiana from Los Angeles, leaving behind a job I loved, I thought, “I’ll just run right out in this depressed job market and snatch up another.”

Pretty soon, depressed not only described the job market, but my attitude as well. I’d applied for several great job opportunities, numerous acceptable job opportunities, several okay-I-can-take-it-for-now employment options, and a couple please-please-dont-actually-call-me-back “positions” (and I use that term lightly).

So as my husband slipped back into his role of tech wizard to the Mac-needy, I sat home – alone. I’d enrolled Allyson in a public middle school expecting to be working full time, so my days were really freed up. We no longer own much (something I’ve come to love, by the way), so there wasn’t much arranging of furniture to do. At least not on a daily basis. The weather was still cold and ugly, so outdoor walking and taking Dixie (the Chihuahua) to the park wasn’t really appealing.

So I wrote a book.

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  1. May 21, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    I think its awesome the challenges you guys have taken on. And with such great smelling hair! Keep it up you guys are inspiring!

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