Nails Bitten? Check. Antacids? Check.

Rob informed me just minutes ago (it’s currently 11:48 p.m. ET on June 14, 2011) that my first book EVER just appeared on the Amazon Kindle. Now it didn’t appear there by accident. I put it there… on purpose. Scary, I know. But, I did it anyway.

My first book is Camel Lot: A Misplaced Adventure. It’s a children’s book about three youngsters playing in their mother’s forbidden flower garden.

The next book in the Misplaced Adventure series will be Bermuda’s Triangle. The story is in first draft and I’m working on the drawings. Hopefully it will come to the Kindle Store mid-July.

I’ve nearly completed another little adventure called Area 50 Juan. Yep, there’s aliens. Or are there? Juan thinks so. Should be out late August or early September.

It’s all very exciting for me. In a nail-biting, antacid-eating way.

Kindle Edition Exclusive