Review: Mercury Falls

Mercury FallsMercury Falls by Robert Kroese

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Plot: An angel and a reporter walk into the Apocalypse…

I’m not one to describe a plot or give away details that could derail a reader’s enjoyment, so the above single line plot description is all you get here.

How can I sum up my impression of Mercury Falls by Rob Kroese? Let’s just say – I completely fell. In love that is. This book is a theological romp through the end times where linoleum is evil (we all knew it was) and attache cases hold more than anyone bargained for. It’s unabashedly irreverent in all the right places. Heaven, hell and everything in between is deliciously distorted in Kroese’s brain and delivered with such wit (and dare I say, wisdom) for the reader’s ultimate enjoyment.

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