Meeting the Dreadline… I mean, Deadline

Rob told me the other day that according to Footprints for iPhone (has nothing to do with Jesus carrying you) I hadn’t left the apartment since Wednesday. Seriously?!

That’s what happens when you get near the deadline on a project. Your vision narrows, your senses heighten, your desire for food evaporates (well, okay, I wouldn’t go that far).

July 1st was the self-imposed deadline for my newest children’s book, Bermuda’s Triangle, 2nd in the A Misplaced Adventure series. This book follows the struggles of Bermuda, a little girl with a big dream. She desires to play beautiful music but her lack of talent may be her undoing. Will her parents refuse to let her try another instrument? Will her music teacher give up on her? Watch for announcements when the ebook reaches Kindle.

Writing Bermuda’s Triangle was a blast. It’s a fun story and cute kiddos to write about. I enjoyed it just as much as Camel Lot. But, the art… whew! Camel Lot was full of flowers, a crazy cat and a pink magical unicorn. But Bermuda’s Triangle is full of musical instruments. Complicated, twisty (in the case of the French horn), and precise. Not exactly a description of my brain or artistic style. Okay, yes, my brain probably is complicated and twisty, but definitely not precise.

When I began the art for Camel Lot, I made the decision to not draw the children so every child can envision themselves as the characters. In Bermuda’s Triangle, this left me with pianos, violins and drums to provide the colorful images that make reading to kids so fun. “Is there a picture yet?” Who hasn’t wished there were more pictures in a bedtime book?

I definitely found the precision necessary to produce a lovely baby grand more daunting than the whimsy required for sketching a magical unicorn. But, if we don’t stretch, we don’t stay limber.

Camel Lot: A Misplaced Adventure, Kindle Edition Exclusive
Bermuda’s Triangle: A Misplaced Adventure, Kindle Edition Exclusive

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