Review: Scent of Danger

Scent of Danger (Volume 4)Scent of Danger by Autumn Dawn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Scent of Danger was formerly titled Something Wild. Yet again, I’ve read a book right out of the middle of a series. I’ve got to be more careful. Luckily, this one does a really good job of being a stand-alone if you haven’t read the previous ones. The author does a wonderful job of introducing knowledge from previous books in the series without making the reader feel out of the loop. If I hadn’t been enjoying it so much and Googled author Autumn Dawn, I might have never found out. Lucky for me I did, so I can read all the rest.

The book focuses on dark, brooding Mathin and disenchanted, practical Andrea. She is human and he is, well, not. The characters and their world are brought to life through Andrea’s interaction with new and strange people with alien customs and chemistry. The querulous relationship she forms with Mathin is a bit Twilight-ish, but Twilight fans will enjoy it immensely and it doesn’t detract from the story. However, many a scene is stolen by the Stag. I think a whole book could be devoted to this funny, obstinate creature. You’ll have to read Scent of Danger to see why.

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