Review: Valor

Valor (A Greystone Novel)Valor by Taylor Longford

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first book I’ve read with gargoyles as the main characters. But, I wasn’t hesitant. I thought it sounded like a great idea. And it was.

Valor follows a tried-and-true formula of attraction, danger, and mystery. But don’t let tried-and-true make you think it’s typical. It’s not. You’ll meet some amazing characters, human and otherwise, and a pretty awesome dog – I love books with canine influences. The gargoyles are vividly brought to life in the descriptions and dialogue as the story reveals some (but not all) of their past, and some (but not all) of their current story. Oh, how my appetite for gargoyles has been piqued.

This edition (it’s titled “book one”) is heavy on the introduction to the characters and light on those catastrophic happenstances that make books sometimes so involved you have a hard time getting to know and care about the people in them. Action driven it isn’t, but character driven it is. And in such a good way. I’m way past sixteen, but could totally see myself in MacKenzie’s shoes. Not just see, but wish. And the boys (gargoyles) are each unique and intriguing making you wish you could talk with them for hours over lattes. I want to meet them all and have them stay at my house.

I so very thoroughly enjoyed this book. Do yourself (and your teenage daughter) a favor, and grab this one right away.

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