Sneak Peek of Area 50 Juan: A Misplaced Adventure

The sound of trees being wrested from the ground and torn apart woke the boys instantly. The deafening noise lasted only a minute, then died away suddenly with only the occasional pop of a breaking branch reaching the boys’ straining ears.

“What was that?!” demanded Earl, blinking in the dark since the campfire had abandoned them.

“It sounded like a T-rex rampaging through the trees!” cried Davie.

“There’s no dinosaurs anymore, Dave,” was Andy’s calm reply. He unzipped his sleeping bag and felt around the hard-packed ground for his shoes.

“Where’re you going?” asked Davie, nerves getting the best of his voice and making it squeaky.

“I’ll go with you,” suggested Earl, bouncing up and grabbing a flashlight.

An urgent whisper grabbed everyone’s attention, “Wait! What if it’s aliens?”