Review: Jenny Pox

Jenny Pox
Jenny Pox by J.L. Bryan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m totally infected with Jenny Pox. I began this book by reading the first chapter as an excerpt at the end of another book. I was so totally enamored of the lead character, Jenny, that I immediately purchased a copy to continue the story. That’s talent right there – grabbing my full attention so easily. I probably would have read the entire book in one sitting if I hadn’t needed to work.

Poor Jenny is plagued – in more ways than one. She suffers extreme loneliness and isolation due to the fact her slightest touch can spread a deadly disease. Her character is brilliantly portrayed. You suffer right along with her. You feel her joys, her heartaches, her struggles. Others in the book are equally believable and intriguing. You love some, you hate some, and you pity others. You know who should be held accountable. You know others really shouldn’t, should they? Very twisty with my emotions there, Mr. Bryan.

The plot of Jenny’s plague-ridden touch is a unique one. With such a fresh storyline you’d expect to be surprised or caught off guard now and then. No disappointment here. The plot turns unexpectedly toward the end of the book. Then another surprise. Then yet again – surprise! I love that. Catch me off guard once – good for you. Catch me off guard twice – good for me. Catch me off guard a third time – now I’m completely infected.

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