Santa Monica: A Misplaced Adventure

Santa Monica, my fourth children’s book in the Misplaced Adventure series, is a Kindle Edition Exclusive. Santa Monica is a fantasy adventure for bedtime or anytime. Written to be read aloud to children of any age or read alone by children ages 8-12. Approximately 9,500 words.

Each of my children’s books currently has it’s own illustration style. I don’t promise that will always be the case, it just has been so far. With Santa Monica, I found inspiration in the anime and kodomo (such as Hello Kitty) artistic styles. I adapted those to suit me and thought the style was perfect for the characters. I hope you enjoy the illustrations.

Synopsis: Monica dreams of playing Santa in the holiday performance presented by her local theater group. But will her theater coach, Mr. Shelley, be willing to cast a girl as Santa? What will her parents think? Will her friends ridicule her for wanting a boy’s role? Will her super talented friend, Eric, get the role just because he’s a boy? Follow Monica on her quest to play Santa Clause as she prepares for her audition, copes with her friends comments and questions, and ultimately follows her heart to be anything she wants to be.

One reviewer says: “As the tale unfolds, the reader learns about compassion, generosity and friendship.”

Kindle Edition Exclusive