Camel Lot: A Misplaced Adventure

My very first (why do people say very first, if it’s the first, how does the word very make it any more the first) children’s book, Camel Lot, is a Kindle Edition Exclusive.

Synopsis: Three siblings, Arty, Lance and Gwen, set off for their Mother’s forbidden flower garden to play. They dream up the grand kingdom of Camel Lot with a courageous king, a daring knight and a princess with a pink magical unicorn. But somewhere else in the garden, trouble is brewing. It’s not their orange tabby, Marlin; it’s the neighbor-boy, Dwayne.

Camel Lot is a fantasy adventure for bedtime or anytime. Written to be read aloud to children of any age or read alone by children ages 8-12. Approximately 3,400 words.

Camel Lot was inspired by a short story writing contest. In the contest, a picture was provided and the writer needed to tell a story related to that picture in 1,000 words or less. Somewhere around 2,000 words it was obvious I couldn’t submit mine so I quit writing. I didn’t finish the story. It just sat there.

When I returned from LA, I couldn’t find work. Rob suggested I finish the story and maybe we could publish it. Ebooks were really taking off and there were many distributors cropping up to help you get your formatting correct and get your books out to the different sellers. So I finished the story and did some illustrations to go along with it. The cover is my favorite, closely followed by the cat, Marlin, wallowing in the flowers on his back.

I hope you enjoy Artie, Lance, Gwen, and Marlin in their backyard adventure. A sequel to Camel Lot will be coming in 2012 called Nights of the Brown Table. Per request, I’ll do illustrations including the kids this time.

Kindle Edition Exclusive

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