Review: A Small Fortune

A Small Fortune
A Small Fortune by Audrey Braun
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gilion Williams leaves her daughter, Celia, a family legacy. But at the time of Gilion’s death, Celia doesn’t pay much attention to the paperwork and the legacy goes unnoticed for years. But someone notices. And they will do anything to get their hands on it. An impromptu vacation to Mexico proves to be just the first step in an unexpected and dangerous scheme. Celia’s only hope is to figure out her tormentor’s plan and discover who she can truly trust. But she has to keep her son, Oliver, safe. Will the man she had an affair with take him in? And can she truly trust Benicio, the dark and handsome stranger trapped in the whole mess with her?

A Small Fortune takes the reader on a whirlwind trip through Mexico and Switzerland as Celia frantically works to discover the plot against her and keep her son safe. Benicio claims he merely wants to help her, but she’s developed trust issues along the way. Discovering the people closest to you may want to harm you and take your family legacy can do that to a girl.

Cleverly-written and fast-paced, A Small Fortune, was delightful and believable. I found myself wondering if it was a memoir instead of fiction. Prepare to question everyone’s true motives.

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