Short Stories

Synopisis for Passing Through:Passing Through

If you want the life you’ve always dreamed of, you can’t let death stop you. Zinnia is a simple, Southern girl. She loves her parents and has big plans for her future. Those plans didn’t include getting murdered, but a girl works with the hand she’s dealt.

If you want to rescue a dead girl, you need the help of someone dead. Construction worker by day and street fighter by night, Sam hasn’t made much of his life. But he isn’t going to let that keep him from the girl of his dreams. Even when it means reaching out to an old friend from a fatal car accident.

Faking death takes a great deal of expertise. The forged documents, the photoshopped images, and the hiding in plain sight. It’s never easy. When Matt gets a call from an old friend, he heads down a road that will unleash millions on an unsuspecting world.

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Synopsis for From My Window:

When a boy moves in next door, Ellie can’t help but notice. But it’s when he notices her that Ellie’s emotions run away with her. She hasn’t been noticed in forever. Because she died over a hundred years ago.

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Sparky and the 'Cuda Cover Full ThumbnailSynopsis for Sparky and the ‘Cuda.

An unexpected encounter with a young couple changes the Churchill’s lives forever… again.

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