A Rainy Day at the Louisville Zoo

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicAllyson and I went with friends to the Louisville Zoo this past Saturday. We haven’t been in so long that the polar bears and otters (two of our fave critters to see) were gone. They’re building a new exhibit called Glacier Run where I’m assuming these guys will be housed again. Makes a person wonder where they are right now? I kept looking over my shoulder whenever I heard a loud noise.

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicThe Zoo added a really cool Sky Trail High Adventure Course for kiddos and adults. It’s not free – $7 per person – but there’s no time limit. Allyson did really well even though she confessed later that some of it was a little nerve-racking. There are areas where you tight-rope walk and some where you must cross various obstacles – like alternating board planks. I didn’t try it myself (so I could take pics of Allyson, of course) but Allyson and her friend would do it again and again. Next time, I’ll put them up there and go sit down at the nearby Islands Cafe.