I’ve Entered the Twilight Zone

TwilightI love plants. I add to my flowerbeds every spring and fall. My hostas are the envy of the neighborhood. So I never mind a little rain. I even appreciate it as I can leave the bulky water hose in the garage. But, this is verging on Forks rain – Forks, WA that is. Or is it?

The average rainfall for New Albany, IN is less than 4 inches for June, but there’s more than that in my basement. And overall, New Albany, IN gets plenty of rain. The least rainy month on average is in October with a mere 2.7 inches falling. But our yearly average is 43.6 inches of umbrella-ella-ella-ella toting weather. That’s a lot of flowers watered and puddles to jump in.

Forks, WA averages 59.38 inches of rain hitting the ground every year. That’s 15.78 inches more than New Albany, IN. A respectable amount (and more than us for the year) but the bulk of it comes in November through January with little precipitation through spring and summer months.

Just look at the averages over the past few years for Forks, WA for the month of June:Forks, WA

June ’08 – 3.50

June ’07 – 5.49

June ’06 – 3.12

June ’05 – 3.16

June ’04 – 3.02

June ’03 – 1.43

June ’02 – 4.67

June ’01 – 3.62

June ’00 – 5.20.

Very few times do they exceed New Albany, IN rainfall during this month. Only Fife, WA actually has more rain in June than New Albany, IN. No other city or town in Washington represented has more rain than us. I say all this as a warning. Are there vampires here? Do they summer in New Albany, IN?

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  1. shannon
    June 21, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    I think after today (Sunday June 21) the vamps are here. Maybe I will rethink my high school reunion.

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